Role Play

Day to Day Role Play

Children can drive around our streets in miniature vintage vehicles, pit stop at the petrol station, shop at the Little big town supermarket, visit the hairdressing salon or meet friends at the little big town café.


Career Role Play

For your little stars we have a theatre to sing and dance or even perform puppet shows. They might choose to be a hero and save the day by becoming a fire fighter or a guard for a while and there are always odd jobs to be done at little Big town’s construction site. Young doctors and nurses can play out their roles in the hospital and work in the post office as there is always plenty of post to be delivered around little big town.


Period Role Play

Experience the past and future when they leave their hobby horse to rest at the cowboy saloon or swab the deck of barnacles while voyaging on a pirate ship. Survey the kingdom atop the princess castle or why stay earth bound when there is a rocket ship in town!